VERSatile Interactive Data Language

There is something to be said about the computer Command Line Interface: it has endured.

Strings of terse commands and phrases were the input to obtain the desired output from original systems. Then came the mouse upon a graphical desktop which, at first, was just the CLI with some coordinate math brushed on top of it.

Things are different NOW... and changing ever faster!

Verbal commands and audible responses are becoming practical, thanks to AI. Machines understanding our speech is pretty good, and their answers often make sense... at least, when the underlying programming makes sense. In the future, audible commands will DO more than invoke a recitation of the weather... but what?

We have long seen the integration of voice and VIZdex. Once development is sufficiently stable, we plan to extend our annotation engine's data language, combine it with a voice recognition API, and release the capability to all VIZdex-powered sites. We expect very interesting results.

Listen up!

VIZdex Annotated Timeline Presentation Platform

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